At Premier Property Management based in Henderson, we believe proven experience is the key to a successful partnership with property owners that want to maximize their investments here in the Las Vegas Valley.  Las Vegas has a history of up and down property values but we strive to keep your investments consistently placed with qualified tenants.

  • Advertising– Multiple Listing Service (MLS), sign, websites
  • Accounts Payable– We pay your bills and mail out a monthly cash flow statement detailing the income and expense.  We provide 1099’s at year end.
  • Account Receivable – We collect the rent for your property and disperse your proceeds via Direct Deposit.
  • Maintenance Repairs – Our licensed/insured contractors will handle all repairs outside a home warranty.  Interact with home warranty complaints for repairs.
  • Lease Renewals – Negotiate the lease renewal and rent increases. NO CHARGE
  • Tenant Screening – Nationwide Criminal Search, Rental History, Employment Verification, and Credit Check.
  • Evictions – professionally handled, protecting the owner’s rights and their investment property.
  • Inspections – inspect the home to ensure the property is being well maintained.
  • Handle Home Owner Association Violations – we will correspond with the H.O.A and the tenant to ensure all violations are resolved and do not go to fine.
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Maximize Your Rental Property’s Return On Investment

Both those who have used a property manager before and those who have not quickly learn the value of hiring Premier Property Management. Here’s why:

Preserve Your Property

Taking care of your property is more than just paying a property manager to watch over it. At Premier Property Management our goal is to protect your Las Vegas investment and make you the most money. We use the most accurate data available to determine the best monthly rent rate for your property. We guide you in understanding what improvements should be made to garner higher rent and attract tenants who will take care of your home. We also conduct move in assessments and regular inspections, complete with photos, to make sure your property stays in good shape.

Finally, we save our clients time and money with cost-effective reliable maintenance through in house systems and use of our exclusive preferred vendors. We also know how to proactively manage and respond to tenant requests to save you money long-term. Call us to learn more: (702) 938-1300

Your home’s value is important not only while it is a rental, but also for long-term property appreciation.

Shorter Vacancies and Quality Tenants

For each day a property is vacant here in the Las Vegas valley, it’s money out of your pocket. We spend thousands of dollars every month advertising vacancies to get them filled—faster. Placing the wrong tenant in your rental home can also cost you– on average, 4 to 6 times the monthly rent rate. We screen tenants thoroughly to make every effort to find reliable tenants who will pay rent on time and treat your home like it was their own. Smarter tenant placement is a result of our rigorous background screening process, including credit, employment, rental history and criminal checks, using a systematic business approach.

When collections and evictions are necessary, a streamlined, automated system ensures that the process is completed as quickly as possible, while ensuring all laws and codes are followed and no step is missed.